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Can I Force My Neighbor to Pay Her Share of Necessary Repairs?

I have a common pillar in front of my house that is jointly shared by my neighbor. This pillar is the center pillar that holds up our porch roof. I came to my neighbor a year ago with a cost estimate to repair the pillar. She asked for some time to get more estimates. I have given her a year since I first approached her and now I have the engineer's letter saying it is necessary, but she continues to delay. Can I take her to court to force her hand? Read more [...]

Can I Stop My Neighbor From Cutting Beneficial Flowers on an Easement?

My neighbor has a small easement on my land; can I stop him from cutting the flowers on the easement which are actually beneficial to the field septic lines? Read more [...]

How Can We Get a Neighboring Golf Course to Maintain Its Grounds?

What can our homeowners association do about our neighboring golf course's failure to maintain its grounds? Read more [...]

Can I Stop My Neighbor from Building an Extension?

My neighbor is building an add-on to their house that invades my backyard privacy and probably devalues my home, what can I do? Read more [...]

Can Common Area Trees Be Cut Down?

Can our neighbor cut down trees and shrubs located in the common area between our houses? Are there any laws governing common ground use? Read more [...]

Do I Have Exclusivity Over My Yard?

I bought a home with a large yard that was fenced into my unit. The unit was advertised as having a large yard. A neighbor claims it is ‘common property’ and that a past owner just fenced it off. I had planned to build a pool in my yard. What should I do? Read more [...]