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Can My Landlord Advertise My Apartment With Photos That Contain My Personal Property?

I just discovered that my former landlord is using pictures of the apartment when I lived there to try to rent the apartment. Read more [...]

Can My Roommates Opt Out Of Paying Utilities?

There are 3 single roommates and a married couples in our house. We want to split the utilities equally. Read more [...]

Is A Tenant Responsible For Paying Electricity On A Shared Meter?

My landlord separated his home at the end of the hallway. There is only one electric meter and one water meter and he refuses to pay his portion of the electric (25%) without proof of a bill. Read more [...]

Can My Landlord Tap Into My Water Without Paying Me?

Can my landlord legally tap into my water, that I pay for, for his own use? He is planning to put a meter on it and have me read it every month even though I pay the bill and do not want the burden of it. I have told him this, but he insists on doing so whether I like it or not.

I’m a little confused by your description. Your landlord is probably well within his rights to separately meter your water usage, and to exclude water from the rent (that is, make you pay for your water separately). But if he is also using the water that’s being monitored by “your” meter, then it would be inappropriate for you to pay for it all.

Did I Pay For Last Month’s Rent Or Make A Deposit?

I am in San Bernardino County, CA. I have been a tenant for 31 years in this particular unit. When I rented it in 1984, I paid my first and last months rent. Read more [...]

Can My Landlord Ask For My Pay Stubs?

Can my landlord ask me for pay stubs if I'm already renting from them? Read more [...]