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Can The HOA Rules Restrict Me From Owning Horses?

We are zoned by our city as horse property, yet our HOA would like to deny residents horses. Can they do that? Read more [...]

Is My Rental Unit Subject To The HOA Rules?

I purchased a house 17 years ago in my senior community for the purpose of renting. The board changes the rules and regulations frequently regarding renters. If I purchased this home under the original rules, am I grandfathered into these rules? Read more [...]

Do I Need HOA Approval For My Outdoor Property Renovation?

If I have an existing pond on my property that I will partially fill in, then enlarge on the opposite end, am I required to get approval from the Homeowner's Association? Read more [...]

Do I Have To Pay Attorney Fees For Arbitration?

My HOA's attorney sent me a registered letter stating my fence was installed without prior approval. My fence was installed by Danielle Fence company and I do have a copy of the HOA approval to install fence. Read more [...]

Can My HOA Fine Me For Being Unorganized?

Can my condo association threaten to fine me for the my garage not being organized and able to put a car in it? Read more [...]

What are the HOA’s Rights?

I live in West Virginia and I am the president of an HOA. If someone has a dead tree in their yard, is it the HOA's obligation to make them cut it down? Read more [...]