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If I Sign Over a Sewer Easement to the HOA, Would I Be Giving Up Rights?

A neighbor wants to have the county add a sewer line in their back yard to fix drainage issues. It would connect to the line that runs through my property. In order for the county to move forward, they want me to sign over the right to easement to the HOA. Then going forward the HOA would be required to maintain the lines. Would the easement cause me issues in the future when trying to sell my house? What rights would I be giving up? Read more [...]

Can Our Neighbor Build A Fence on Our Property Because He Claims He Has an Easement?

We purchased a property along a golf course that has now turned into a cattle farm. The owner of the cattle farm claims a right of way along our property and wants to build a fence into our property. Can he do this? Can he enforce the covenants of the old golf course? Read more [...]

Can I Stop My Neighbor From Cutting Beneficial Flowers on an Easement?

My neighbor has a small easement on my land; can I stop him from cutting the flowers on the easement which are actually beneficial to the field septic lines? Read more [...]

Can I Cut a Lock on a Gate Blocking My Access to My Property’s Easement?

There is a right of way for my property on the deed. The owner of the property which the easement is on has a locked gate blocking access to the easement. Can I legally cut the lock off the gate or perhaps just clear a path next to the gate and put my own gate in next to his? Read more [...]

What are the Drainage Requirements for Private Roads?

A company built a new road and all the lots next to the road flood constantly. Is that legal? Shouldn't they have had to build some kind of drainage or something in the road to prevent this? Read more [...]

Can I Sue Me Neighbor For Damaging My Water Line?

hree years ago my neighbor gave his daughter a piece of property behind my home. They never got a proper survey, and by going off the plot plan only, they ended up putting the water tap and water line across my property. Read more [...]