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Can I File A Sexual Harassment Lawsuit Against The Principal?

I work at a high school. I am gay, and one of our male assistant principals made a comment, to the other assistant principals, that he saw 5 girls sitting in my office, but that "we don't need to worry about that" and laughed. Read more [...]

I Complained to School About a Substitute Teacher Taking Pictures of My Child for Personal Use, and Now She is Harassing Me at Work, What Can I Do?

Substitute teacher took pictures of my child at school for personal reasons. I filed a complaint with the school board. They told her last Thursday she was "blocked" from subbing and she came straight from the school board office to my job, showed them my complaint (which she should not have a copy of), some print outs of my old Facebook pages and tried to tell them I was doing this on company time and wanted them to term me. Read more [...]

I Found Slanderous Emails, After Logging Into the Computer of a Company for Whom I Used to Volunteer. Should I Confront Them?

While volunteering for a company several years ago, I set up their web page and created log-in id's. I recently accessed their computers and found slanderous emails about a friend of mine. Should I confront the company? Read more [...]

I Rent Out Bounce Houses, Am I Liable if Someone Gets Hurt?

I rent inflatable bounce houses for children's parties. When I rent at a party I have the parents sign a liability form which releases me from any liability in the event of injury. I am wondering if I am protecting myself by making a sign that basically says, use at your own risk and having the parents read it. Read more [...]

My Neighbors are Approaching Potential Buyers Telling Them not to Buy my Property, Can I Sue Them?

The neighbors across the street who are personally known to both myself and my husband and who were, at one time, friends have put me in a position, that I am considering a slander/malice lawsuit. A potential buyer was doing a walk about around the property when they were approached by the said neighbors and told "not to buy this house, the roof leaks and the walls leak". I have suggested to my husband that if my realtor could get a signed statement of exactly what was said, the date and time and a description of the parties stating these malicious words, I may have a case. That is my question - do I have any rights to protect my reputation and as well the potential loss of the sale of this house? Read more [...]

Someone in our Community is Circulating a Petition and has Threatened Anyone that Disagrees with him, What Can We do?

We have an Individual that has published a petition in our community. This petition states that our elected officials have made statements that they have not. This individual also continues to threaten anyone that disagrees with him that they will be sued by him. Additionally the petition claims that by signing the petition individuals will be preserving a right to vote that is not allowed for under Florida statutes. Short of hiring a lawyer which is beyond our means what actions can be taken to stop this. Read more [...]