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Can I Use My Son’s Personal Injury Settlement to Purchase a Home?

My 8-year-old son will be getting a large personal injury settlement in the next 3 months. Read more [...]

What Is The Average Disability Settlement Against A Company In Texas?

What is the average settlement of a disability lawsuit against a company in Texas? Read more [...]

How Soon is My Lawyer Required to Disclose to Me a Settlement Offer From a Workplace Injury?

My husband got a settlement almost 2 years ago from an accident on a job site at his work. Our lawyer still hasn't given us any information, like a list of disbursements, or even a contract of our structured settlement. When we ask for these things, he puts us off by saying that he has to get it or ask the insurance company for it, etc. Our question is, was his settlement amount public information? And can we find out exactly how much it was for? Read more [...]

I got Injured at my Hardware Store, What Should I do?

I was returning an 8"bench grinder and asked the store worker if I could test the replacement grinder since I live far from the store. When it came on it started vibrating real bad and it spun to the right. I pulled it back around straight and as I went to turn the power off, it spun to the right again and sucked two of my fingers in. As a result I lost 6 hrs pay from my job while at the emergency room. After contacting there claims department, they want me to send them a letter as to why I feel they are responsible. Should I send them a letter or have a lawyer prepare it? Read more [...]

My Insurance Company has Requested that I Sue for Injuries that Resulted in a High School Softball Game, Is it Worth it?

About three years ago, I was pitching in a high school softball game. The mound had something hard sticking up and every time I pitched, I twisted my foot. I asked to fix it, but the umpire refused to let me fix it. He told me to "deal with it". Well, here I am, a senior, and still "dealing with it". I am about to be 18 and I have scars covering most of my leg! Our insurance has requested us to sue, but I do not know if it is worth it. Is this a good case? Read more [...]

Should a Personal Injury Settlement Cover Insured Medical Expenses?

In a personal injury lawsuit, the insurance company is offering only our out-of-pocket medical expenses, rather than what it would have cost us if we didn't have insurance. Read more [...]