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I Accidentally Ran Over a Dog. Can I Sue the Owner for Damages to My Car?

I hit a dog on my way home from work. The dog ran across the road. The dog was slightly hurt and the owner picked it up and carried it to the sidewalk. The dog was carried home by the owner. My car was damaged and it is in need of repair as a result of hitting the dog. Who is at fault? There is a leash law in town. What do I do? Read more [...]

Can I Sue a Napkin Manufacturer if I Found a Toxic Substance on the Napkin and My Nose After Using it?

My mother was shopping for groceries at her local store and one of the items she bought were disposable paper napkins. Today I was visiting her and these napkins were on the table so I have used one to clean my nose. Next moment I noticed a black spot on it, I realized it got in contact with my skin and it looked like mould (mold) to me. Read more [...]

What Does it Mean for the Defendant when a Witness Fails to Appear?

This is the outcome of court today what does it mean for the defendant? 'Witness failed to appear. Officer out sick. Defense ready. Must be tried. Commonwealth no-objection.' Read more [...]

Can I Sue My Dad’s Dentist for Failing to Diagnose Oral Cancer for 5 Years?

In July my dad was diagnosed with the final stages of oral head & neck cancer; a cancer that can easily be treated if caught in the early stages. This cancer can be seen by dentists during exams and includes a variety of symptoms including dentures that don't fit right, bleeding gums, etc. Over the past 5-10 years my dad saw numerous dentists and this was never mentioned or "detected." Read more [...]

How Soon is My Lawyer Required to Disclose to Me a Settlement Offer From a Workplace Injury?

My husband got a settlement almost 2 years ago from an accident on a job site at his work. Our lawyer still hasn't given us any information, like a list of disbursements, or even a contract of our structured settlement. When we ask for these things, he puts us off by saying that he has to get it or ask the insurance company for it, etc. Our question is, was his settlement amount public information? And can we find out exactly how much it was for? Read more [...]

Is it the Tenant or Landlord’s Responsibility to Keep the Sidewalk/Steps Clear of Ice and Snow

If a tenant signs a lease [in Baltimore city} that clearly states it is the tenants responsibiltiy to clear the sidewalk/steps of ice and snow and the tenant does not do this, would the landlord or tenant be held liable if a 3rd party is injured from slipping/falling on that sidewalk? Read more [...]