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How Do I Get Compensation After I’ve Been Denied Worker’s Compensation?

I received an injury at work but company has denied the claim for workers comp. What can I do to get the medical bills paid and the out of work days paid? Read more [...]

My Mother-in-Law Fell in our House and is Now Wanting to File a Claim with our Renter’s Insurance, We Think She May be Taking Advantage

My mother-in-law recently had a fall in the garage of our rented home. While leaving our home, she walked out into our dark garage. There is a light, but she did not turn it on. We didn't know that she didn't turn the light on until we heard her fall. She fell by tripping over a crate that was against the garage wall. Read more [...]

As a Property Owner, Can I be Held Liable for any Injuries or Accidents that Occur on our Easement? How Should we Protect Ourselves?

Recently there has been a change of ownership on one of the properties. The new owner has a teenage son. The parents leave town often and leave the son alone. While the parents are away the son has been throwing parties where there is teenage drinking. We are concerned that at some point one of these underage drunk children will cause and/or have an accident that will result in death or injury while crossing our property. Can we be held liable if something like this should occur? Other than calling law enforcement to alert them to the party is there any thing else we can do to protect ourselves? Read more [...]

My Insurance Company has Requested that I Sue for Injuries that Resulted in a High School Softball Game, Is it Worth it?

About three years ago, I was pitching in a high school softball game. The mound had something hard sticking up and every time I pitched, I twisted my foot. I asked to fix it, but the umpire refused to let me fix it. He told me to "deal with it". Well, here I am, a senior, and still "dealing with it". I am about to be 18 and I have scars covering most of my leg! Our insurance has requested us to sue, but I do not know if it is worth it. Is this a good case? Read more [...]

My Car was Broken into While Parked in a Bar (Business Establishment) Parking Lot, Can I Hold the Bar Liable for the Theft?

The auto insurance will only cover damage to the vehicle, and we don't have renters insurance. There were no "park at your own risk" signs. Is the bar held liable in any way? Could their insurance pay for the stolen items? Read more [...]

Should a Personal Injury Settlement Cover Insured Medical Expenses?

In a personal injury lawsuit, the insurance company is offering only our out-of-pocket medical expenses, rather than what it would have cost us if we didn't have insurance. Read more [...]