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Can I Use My Son’s Personal Injury Settlement to Purchase a Home?

My 8-year-old son will be getting a large personal injury settlement in the next 3 months. Read more [...]

How Do I Get Compensation After I’ve Been Denied Worker’s Compensation?

I received an injury at work but company has denied the claim for workers comp. What can I do to get the medical bills paid and the out of work days paid? Read more [...]

Can I File A Sexual Harassment Lawsuit Against The Principal?

I work at a high school. I am gay, and one of our male assistant principals made a comment, to the other assistant principals, that he saw 5 girls sitting in my office, but that "we don't need to worry about that" and laughed. Read more [...]

Can I Be Sued For Accidentally Shooting My Neighbor?

About a month ago, I accidentally discharged a firearm in my apartment complex. I went to my neighbor to see if she was okay since the bullet went through our shared wall. Read more [...]

Can I Sue A Driver For Injuring My Dog?

We live in Alexander City, Alabama. A lady hit our puppy that I had let out to go potty. I thought he was under our truck in the driveway. Read more [...]

What Is The Average Disability Settlement Against A Company In Texas?

What is the average settlement of a disability lawsuit against a company in Texas? Read more [...]