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I Complained to School About a Substitute Teacher Taking Pictures of My Child for Personal Use, and Now She is Harassing Me at Work, What Can I Do?

Substitute teacher took pictures of my child at school for personal reasons. I filed a complaint with the school board. They told her last Thursday she was "blocked" from subbing and she came straight from the school board office to my job, showed them my complaint (which she should not have a copy of), some print outs of my old Facebook pages and tried to tell them I was doing this on company time and wanted them to term me. Read more [...]

Can Minors Engage in Consensual Sex With an Adult?

I am 18 and my boyfriend is 16. Recently we were told that I could go to jail for having sex with my boyfriend because he is under age, despite having been together for some time and his parents knowing. Is this true? Read more [...]

Do I Need Parental Consent to Date Someone Over 21 if I am Under the Age of 18?

I am a 16 year old living in Massachusetts, can I date a 22 year old without parental consent? Read more [...]

What are the Legal Ramifications of Taking a Child into my Home While her Mother is Ill?

What are the legal implications of taking care of a 9 year old girl while her mother battles cancer? I am the girl's teacher and her mother has written a letter saying she trusts me to watch her daughter until she is well enough to take care of her again. This way her daughter will not miss school and does not have to leave the state to go with her relatives during this time. Should I get the letter notarized? Read more [...]

Our Child has a Friend who is a Bad Influence, Can we Issue a Restraining Order on her Friend?

I have a 16 yr old daughter. She has made friends with a 15 yr old girl and we are trying to keep them from contacting each other. The problem is my daughter wants contact with the girl, we as her parents don't. We tried setting limits like no phone contact and not allowing them to see each other but I just found out tonight the other girls mother is helping them to see each other behind our backs. Is there something like a restraining order that we as her parents can file, against both of them I guess, ordering that there be no contact? Can we prevent her from this relationship and others like it as long as she lives in our house or only until she is 18? Read more [...]

My Son is Being Charged with Criminal Charges for Protecting Himself, What can we Do?

I am in dire need of an answer regarding my son. He was drinking (age 19) with another person (age 26) who furnished the alcohol. At some point in the night, the other person became irate, aggitated, etc and my son feared for his life. He, unfortunately, grabbed a baseball bat and hit the other person twice breaking his arm. My son was arrested for aggravated assault and has a 10K bond and looking at 6 months to 20 years for this. We have filed charges against the other person for contributing to a minor. Where does the "Castle Doctrine" come into place here? My son was scared for his life and felt the need to protect himself but is being charged as a criminal. Read more [...]