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While Working with a Host Agency I Complete some Photographic Work, Can I Post these Photos on My Personal Website?

While employed by Americorp, and working for a host agency I photographed work that I completed in the scope of my duty. The photos were used for state permit submission. I gave the organization a credit that they did the work, with me being the one who designed and implemented it while hosted by them. I believe that I am in the right in using these photos on my new business website as I am the one who took them. They are in public record and I was not directly employed by the host organization claiming copyright. Read more [...]

Can I Use Copyright/Trademark Images for a CD that will be Sold for Educational Purposes?

I have collected hundreds of images from Google image in the way of restaurants, food items, movies, cartoon characters, movie characters, snacks, drinks, storybook titles, toys, games and many other types of "picture print" that is familiar to emergent readers. I have done extensive research about the use of these images for my own classroom use. I find that they are perfectly legal. I am confused about the next step I am ready for. Read more [...]

Can a Library Photocopy and Display a Book’s Cover?

On our school library web site we post the titles and authors of books that have won our school district's Favorite Picture Book Award. Would it be legal to copy and paste a picture of the book's cover to accompany such a posting? Read more [...]

Can I Use Video Clips of Children I Taught Now That They Are Grown Up?

I was involved in a children's music production as a music teacher at a private school. Now, years later, all the children are adults, and I'd like to show some clips of the children's production on my website. Read more [...]