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How Can I Create A Karaoke Website Without Committing Copyright Infringement?

I have some karaoke creating software and I would like to create a website with various karaoke videos of popular artists that the public can use for free while I possibly get revenue from ad space on the website. Read more [...]

Do I Need Permission to Use Someone Else’s Quote on the Cover of a Book I am Writing?

I am writing a Children’s book. On the back cover, I have chosen to use a quote from someone else. For example; ‘ Today someone is sitting in the shade, because someone a longtime ago, decided to plant a tree’… Warren Buffet. Do I need to be concerned with permission or issues from using this quote on the cover of the book? Read more [...]

Ex Girlfriend Threatening to Expose Damaging Texts if She Doesn’t Get Money Owed to Her

My ex girlfriend sent a letter that is threatening to expose damaging texts to my parents if I dont pay her back $200 right away. She gave me the money under her own free will & I agreed to pay her back when I had the money but this seems illegal. Is she commiting coercion or extortion? Can I have her arrested? Please help me because I cant pay her back right now yet cant let her show these damaging texts. Read more [...]

Is Material Found Online Public Domain?

I have read that if the material is not to be used for profit or redistribution then it may be used. Is using the material on a web site considered distribution or redistribution since it will be placed back onto the Internet in a new context by someone other than the original source? I want to be sure I am in compliance with copyright and intellectual property law. Read more [...]

Is Material Found on the Internet Considered Public Domain?

I am a writer and occasionally would like to use illustrations on my blog site. If I find a picture, illustration, graphic, etc., on the Internet may I copy, paste, re-size it to include it in a blog posting without getting prior approval unless specifically required? If the material is "out there" on the Internet is it considered in the public domain and available for public use? Read more [...]

Handling Issues with Copyrights

I was selling a study kits on eBay for the Veterinary Technician National Board Exam. The kits were photocopies of a series of handouts I received from a class I took in NYC 10 years ago to study for the boards. None of the materials have any copyright notice on them, nor were we informed to "keep this information to ourselves" during the class. Then I get a letter from a lawyer representing the VTNE owners. They go on to tell me that I have to stop selling the study materials and give them all copies along with names and addresses of all buyers of the kit along with what that person paid for it. What is likely to happen if I ignore the request and continue to sell this item on eBay? Best and worst case scenario? Read more [...]