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How Can I Create A Karaoke Website Without Committing Copyright Infringement?

I have some karaoke creating software and I would like to create a website with various karaoke videos of popular artists that the public can use for free while I possibly get revenue from ad space on the website. Read more [...]

Can an HOA Force Me to Shut Down a Community Website Because the URL Contains the Community Name and Information?

Can an HOA force me to shut down a community website because the website URL is the community name and the website includes information about the management company, floor plans, and meeting notes? Read more [...]

Do I Need Permission to Use Someone Else’s Quote on the Cover of a Book I am Writing?

I am writing a Children’s book. On the back cover, I have chosen to use a quote from someone else. For example; ‘ Today someone is sitting in the shade, because someone a longtime ago, decided to plant a tree’… Warren Buffet. Do I need to be concerned with permission or issues from using this quote on the cover of the book? Read more [...]

Is there a Statute of Limitations on Patent Infringement?

Is there a statute of limitations for filing a patent lawsuit for stolen invention that was already issued as a patent? If yes, then when does this statute of limitations begin? Read more [...]

Ex Girlfriend Threatening to Expose Damaging Texts if She Doesn’t Get Money Owed to Her

My ex girlfriend sent a letter that is threatening to expose damaging texts to my parents if I dont pay her back $200 right away. She gave me the money under her own free will & I agreed to pay her back when I had the money but this seems illegal. Is she commiting coercion or extortion? Can I have her arrested? Please help me because I cant pay her back right now yet cant let her show these damaging texts. Read more [...]

Is Material Found Online Public Domain?

I have read that if the material is not to be used for profit or redistribution then it may be used. Is using the material on a web site considered distribution or redistribution since it will be placed back onto the Internet in a new context by someone other than the original source? I want to be sure I am in compliance with copyright and intellectual property law. Read more [...]