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If I Received a Citation for Foreclosure Through Regular Mail, and Did Not Sign for it, Was I Properly Served?

I received a citation for foreclosure through regular mail. I did not sign for the certified copy and the USPS receipt shows it being returned to Sender. This is in the state of Texas. The citation was submitted on 11/7 and signed by court clerk/deputy on 11/9 and handed to USPS the same day. This is a home equity loan. Read more [...]

Will My Deceased Brother’s Car be Taken Away Due to Old Judgement Leins?

My brother recently passed without a will and left a car. I'm scheduled in Probate Court the 27 of this month, to switch the title to my name. I recently found out he has a judgement lein from 2005, reinstated in 2010. I've heard that there could be a possibility the car will be taken and sold. What are the odds of this happening? Read more [...]

Am I Entitled to Proof That I’ve Satisfied a Stipulation?

I have satisfied a Stipulation in Lieu of Foreclosure. I would like a letter to that effect for my files but I'm being told the case is closed and no letter will be sent. How might I go about obtaining a letter? Read more [...]

Can a Finance Company Threatening Repossession Refuse a Payment?

My son is behind 2 months on his car payment. He spoke to the finance company today and said he would be able to catch the payments up tomorrow when he gets paid. The finance company told him he had to pay today by noon or his car would be repossessed. Can they do that? Read more [...]

I Gave a Friend a Loan and he Used Equity on his Home as Collateral, Now that the Property is Foreclosed What Should I do?

A friend of mine borrowed $10K. The collateral for this loan was the equity in his house, however, his house has been foreclosed on now. I have a legal Loan Document signed by him. Besides a copy of the Loan, what other documents do I need to file at the local court house in order to file a claim to try to get some money back from the sale of the property? Deed of Trust? "Intent to Lien" form? "Intent to Redeem" form? Read more [...]

What to do When First and Second Mortgages Foreclose

To avoid foreclosure, I took out a second mortgage from a private investor to pay the back payments. I had unforeseen problems which made me fall behind on the second mortgage and slow paying the first. The investor filed for foreclosure so I filed for Chapter 13 protection. The investor who purchased the foreclosure allowed us to stay in the house if we paid him 1200 a month and used his address for the first mortgage payment slips. He evicted us. He has renovated the house and has it on the market and he never paid the first which is still in my name. If you purchase a second mortgage at foreclosure that is for $7000 and the first is still in force at $100000, is the house totally his? Read more [...]