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What are My Options and What Can Happen to Me for Not Paying the Debt?

I signed an agreement with another person that stated that I would pay him $3000. We had the agreement notarized. After making a few payments, I lost my job and I can no longer afford to pay him. I am in the process of filing for bankruptcy. What are my options and what can happen to me for not paying the debt? Read more [...]

Is it Illegal to Cash a Check for a Service that I Provide, Before I Actually Provide the Services?

I provide cleaning services and was contacted by a gentlemen saying he needs to have his apartment cleaned before returning to the US. He sent a check in my name so I cashed it. I repeatedly asked him for the location of his apartment so I could complete the cleaning, he continued to put it off. He later emailed me informing me to wire money out of state, which seemed odd so I didn't. Was it illegal in any way to cash the check? Read more [...]

Is the Receivership Liable for Events That Occur As a Result of a Money Scam?

I was a victim in a money scam case that led to waiting for the receivership to make distributions of whatever monies they have recouped. The receivership mailed the checks to wrong address and the addressee cashed them (forging my name). Read more [...]

Is There is a Way to Reduce Arrears on Welfare Owed to the State By My Ex Wife?

I live in California. I am wondering if there is a way to reduce arrears on welfare owed to the state by my ex wife. Read more [...]

Am I Liable for a Joint Vehicle Being Repossessed if My Husband and I are Separated?

My husband and I have been separated since May of this year. I have not started the legal paperwork yet for a divorce. We are joint co-signers on a vehicle that he kept in his possession after the split. This vehicle was repossessed this past weekend. Can the finance company come after me for wage garnishment or such? Do I have any rights in this situation? Read more [...]

I Want to Sue My Former Roommate for Stealing From Me; Can I Sue Her For Emotional Stress As Well?

I'm sorry to hear about your situation. To answer your first question: getting bank records can be very difficult for small claims cases. The rules of civil procedure, which include discovery, are more limited in small claims courts than in courts with jurisdiction over suits involving larger sums of money. The typical way to get bank records is either through discovery, or order from the court compelling the bank to produce the required documents. These types of actions are uncommon in small claims cases. Read more [...]