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What Are My Rights When a Creditor Gives Me 20 Minutes to Pay a Debt or Face Felony Charges?

I was contacted by a company called 'Unified Mediation Services," regarding a check that I am really unsure if I wrote. I don't remember writing it. But the lady on the phone said that I owed 789 dollars to a check cashing place and that the statue was up today and that they were filing a felony warrant with the county to have me arrested if I didn't pay in 20 minutes. Read more [...]

My Ex Boyfriend Won’t Pay Me Back the Money He Owes Me, What Can I do About it?

I was living with a boyfriend who was in deep financial debt. He then lost his job. His bills were out of hand and he didn't know what to do. We had agreed that I would consolidate his debt, pay off his debtors and he would pay me $445 per month until the $22,000 was paid off. This amount was less than the total of what he was paying out: school loan, consumer debt, car loan, etc. We then broke up and he told me that he would not pay me back because "things are different now". He moved for a job and I moved to California and I have been staying in contact with him every now and then hoping that he would do the right thing and start paying me back. Read more [...]

What Can I Do to Stop Foreclosure Proceedings on My Home?

Help! The bank has said that they are going to foreclose on my house! What can I do to stop foreclosure proceedings from my bank? I really want to avoid foreclosure if at all possible. What can I do to prevent foreclosure on my house? Read more [...]

My Ex Boyfriend helped Pay for the Mortgage, Car Payment and Insurance, Does he Still have an Obligation to still Pay these Items?

15 months ago I sold my Illinois home and moved here to Whitney Point, NY with my 80 yr old male friend. He didn't put a penny towards this house before, during or after the sale yet I loved him and thought we'd always be together. Now he's in Missouri with a married daughter. He left here 3 weeks ago. I Also have durable Power of Attorney and regular POA over him. All he has contributed these past 15 months is paying half a mortgage the total mortgage is 455. it includes taxes and insurance If I continue to pay on my own there is very little or no money left for me to buy gasoline, pay my utilities, buy food, pay for care of out 8 pets, make the car payments which is in both our names it is 187.00 a month. Read more [...]

Can the State of Florida put a Lien on my Assets for an Unpaid Medical Bill?

I had a recent emergency with my health and had to go to the hospital and ended up staying overnight. The bill was over $7,000.00 and I have no health insurance. Now I'm getting letters in the mail from Medical Revenue Services ( a collection agency) saying that they're checking into my assets, bank accounts, owning real estate, etc. Read more [...]

Can I Give My Car Back to the Bank Without Owing Them Any More Money?

If I were to surrender my car to the bank, what would happen and for how long would I be harassed by the bank to get the rest of their money back? Read more [...]