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What Are My Rights When a Creditor Gives Me 20 Minutes to Pay a Debt or Face Felony Charges?

I was contacted by a company called 'Unified Mediation Services," regarding a check that I am really unsure if I wrote. I don't remember writing it. But the lady on the phone said that I owed 789 dollars to a check cashing place and that the statue was up today and that they were filing a felony warrant with the county to have me arrested if I didn't pay in 20 minutes. Read more [...]

Can my Son File Bankruptcy on Fines that are in Collections?

Can my son file Bankruptcy on fines that are in collections? Read more [...]

Is Soon-to-be Spouse Liable for Debts Incurred Prior to Marriage?

I am engaged to get married to a woman who is a citizen of Poland. I am a citizen of the United States. We presently live in Poland and are planning to get married in New Orleans, LA. My question is: Upon marriage, does my spouse-to-be become liable for my debts incurred prior to our marriage? Read more [...]

I Gave a Lawyer Access to my Checking Account for Billing Purposes and Now I have a Negative Balance, Is This Legal? What can I do?

A law firm attached his fees to my checking account. At the time my balance was $1.22, currently my Available Balance is over -$2,000 with a Running Balance of ($98.00). What exactly does this mean? The amount debited on Sept 25, 2008 was $100.00. Can he do this? I'm current unemployed looking for a job should I close down this account? When I find a job and deposit my checks will they take all of the money from my check? What can I do? Read more [...]

My Ex Boyfriend Wrote me Bad Checks and Used my Credit Cards Running up a Large Debt, What can I do to get Compensation?

In a past relationship my boyfriend ran up quit a bit of debt. This included checks he wrote me and then cashed in my account. These checks bounced, although I was out the money. He also made many charges on my credit card. We have not been together for over 5 months; however, I am still paying on these loans. What should I do? Read more [...]

Can a Trustee Legally take my Tax Return to Pay the Balance of my Debt?

I filed bankruptcy in Sept.2006. I just heard from the trustee that I have to sign over my tax return ( if any) over to him, and that this would not be put towards the balance of my debt. I do not understand how he can take my refund legally? I live in Missouri. Read more [...]