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My Cell Phone Provider Charged me for Service Although I Canceled my Account, What Should I do?

I live in Michigan and had cell phone service with Centennial. My 2 year signed contract ended in 2002. I canceled my service on Dec. 16, 2006. I just received a bill for one more additional service from Dec. 16, 2006 through January 16, 2007. I was told that in my contract it indicated I must give them 30 days notice to cancel, or I would pay an additional 30 days service after I canceled my service. With my contracted expired, how can they do this? Read more [...]

What to do When a Credit Bureau has Incorrect Credit Information

I was recently trying to purchase land and bank pulled my credit report I noticed Equifax that they had my sister-in-law and my credit all mixed together. They morphed us into one person with my social security and her birthday. After making that discovery I checked the other two credit bureaus and they had the correct information, it is only Equifax that has this problem. I haven't been able to purchase the land because I would have been charged more in interest rates because of my lower credit score. Read more [...]

I Can’t Always Pay the Full Amount on Medical Bills, But I Pay What I Can. Does this go on my Credit Score? Can They Turn me Over to Collections?

Sometimes it is hard to come up with the full amount, if all I send in to the billing dept A of the hospital A is ten dollars ,does that not still have me making an attempt to pay this bill. Read more [...]

Can You Report a Minor to the Credit Bureau for Unpaid Medical Bills?

Can minors be reported to the credit bureau for parents not paying their medical bills? Read more [...]

Is an Unreported Debt Still Valid?

If a debt does not show up on a credit report, but then does a year later, is the debt valid? Read more [...]

Credit Reporting Agency Sent Credit Report to Wrong People!

Credit reports sent to the wrong address can be a problem. What can someone do when their credit report is sent by the credit reporting agency to the wrong address, potentially exposing them to identity theft? Read more [...]