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How to Show Evidence of Loss in a Proof Hearing

I had a large company destroy my credit. I won a judgement in court on a default. I now need to show lose in a proof hearing. How should I proceed? Read more [...]

Can a Judgment of a Civil Complaint be Used to File a Lien Against an Insurance Policy?

Can a judgment in a civil complaint be turned into a lein against an insurance policy that the accused (one who judgment is against) owns? Read more [...]

Is there Any Way I can Keep my Home After I’ve Received a Foreclosure Letter?

Is there any way to save a home once the mortgage company has sent a letter stating that the house has been foreclosed and sold and you have 10 days to vacate? Read more [...]

What Can I Do to Stop Foreclosure Proceedings on My Home?

Help! The bank has said that they are going to foreclose on my house! What can I do to stop foreclosure proceedings from my bank? I really want to avoid foreclosure if at all possible. What can I do to prevent foreclosure on my house? Read more [...]

Can Someone Leave a Summons Taped to my Front Door? Is this Legal?

My son found a summons addressed to me from a law firm suing me for a past due amount on a credit card. The summons was taped to the front outside door of where I live in New York city. It was taped there and any stranger passing by could read it. Is this legal? Read more [...]

It has Been 10 Years Since I’ve Written a Bad Check but I Can’t Open a Checking Account, What Should I do?

I Have Written Bad Checks In The Past, And Now I Cannot Open Up A Checking Account. Will I Ever Be Able To Write Checks Again And Open Up Another Checking Account? Its Been Over 10 Years Are More. What Can I Do? Read more [...]