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Can I Get My Co-Borrower With Bad Credit Off the Mortgage so I Can Refinance?

My father co-signed for my home mortgage back in 2011, and now I'm trying to refinance and found out that he has debts in collections, and we were told that there is nothing we can do to refinance or even sell the house until those debts are paid off in full! So is there anything at all that I can do to get him off of the mortgage, legally? Read more [...]

Is it Illegal to Cash a Check for a Service that I Provide, Before I Actually Provide the Services?

I provide cleaning services and was contacted by a gentlemen saying he needs to have his apartment cleaned before returning to the US. He sent a check in my name so I cashed it. I repeatedly asked him for the location of his apartment so I could complete the cleaning, he continued to put it off. He later emailed me informing me to wire money out of state, which seemed odd so I didn't. Was it illegal in any way to cash the check? Read more [...]

Am I Liable for a Joint Vehicle Being Repossessed if My Husband and I are Separated?

My husband and I have been separated since May of this year. I have not started the legal paperwork yet for a divorce. We are joint co-signers on a vehicle that he kept in his possession after the split. This vehicle was repossessed this past weekend. Can the finance company come after me for wage garnishment or such? Do I have any rights in this situation? Read more [...]

Can I Be Held Accountable for a Credit Card I Opened When I Was 17 Years Old?

I am being sued for a charged off credit account. The company suing me has attached an “Exhibit A” of my application for the credit card. I noticed while looking at the documents enclosed that I was only 17 years of age when I applied for the credit card. Is this legal for them to approve me of credit at only 17 with no parent/guardian signing with me? Is there a way for me to win the case with this? Read more [...]

Can Mortgage Company Harass Me if I’m a Month Late on My Mortgage

I am a month late with paying my mortgage. The company is constantly calling, early in the morning up till about 9:00. I get approximately 10 calls a day. I feel like I'm being abused. Can you please let me know if theres anything that can be done. Read more [...]

Can Loan Company Come After Me For Loan if Collateral Car is Totaled?

I got a small loan from Fidelity National Loans in Mississippi. I used my car for collateral. The contract stated that if the car was totaled then the contract would be void. My car was wrecked in an accident on September 3, 2011 and my last payment was on August 19, 2011. I informed the company after that I faxed all info the state trooper gave me. They said it was not enough and they took me to court in February, 2012. Read more [...]