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I Received a Collection Notice from the Telephone Company from 12 Years Ago, How Long Can They Seek Payment?

I just received a collection notice from 12 yrs ago, in my ex- married name. My ex- husband I found out is deceased and I believe if there is such a bill he had his hands on it. I am trying to dispute it of course but legally how long can someone seek payment. Read more [...]

My Elderly Mother Lives with me, Am I Responsible for her Debts?

My mother is 86 years old and lives with me in my home. Am I responsible for any of her debts such as credit cards or line of credit at her bank? Read more [...]

My Spouse Passed Away, Am I Obligated to Pay off his Credit Card Debts?

My husband died recently and I discovered he had credit cards, with debt, in his name only. Am I, as his widow, obligated to pay his credit card debt? Read more [...]

Can I be Charged with Identity Theft for Using my Deceased Husband’s Credit Card?

My husband died more than 8 years ago. I used one of his credit cards and made payments all of this time. The credit card company is threatening to report me law enforcement for identity theft if I don't sign a statement indicating that I will take full responsibility for this debt. Read more [...]

I Can’t Always Pay the Full Amount on Medical Bills, But I Pay What I Can. Does this go on my Credit Score? Can They Turn me Over to Collections?

Sometimes it is hard to come up with the full amount, if all I send in to the billing dept A of the hospital A is ten dollars ,does that not still have me making an attempt to pay this bill. Read more [...]

Can You Report a Minor to the Credit Bureau for Unpaid Medical Bills?

Can minors be reported to the credit bureau for parents not paying their medical bills? Read more [...]