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How Can I Get My Name Off of Credit Card Debt After A Divorce?

My son is divorced and the judge said he is responsible for one credit card and his ex the other, how does he get his name off so his credit is not affected? Read more [...]

My Ex Boyfriend Won’t Pay Me Back the Money He Owes Me, What Can I do About it?

I was living with a boyfriend who was in deep financial debt. He then lost his job. His bills were out of hand and he didn't know what to do. We had agreed that I would consolidate his debt, pay off his debtors and he would pay me $445 per month until the $22,000 was paid off. This amount was less than the total of what he was paying out: school loan, consumer debt, car loan, etc. We then broke up and he told me that he would not pay me back because "things are different now". He moved for a job and I moved to California and I have been staying in contact with him every now and then hoping that he would do the right thing and start paying me back. Read more [...]

Can my Son File Bankruptcy on Fines that are in Collections?

Can my son file Bankruptcy on fines that are in collections? Read more [...]

Can Someone Leave a Summons Taped to my Front Door? Is this Legal?

My son found a summons addressed to me from a law firm suing me for a past due amount on a credit card. The summons was taped to the front outside door of where I live in New York city. It was taped there and any stranger passing by could read it. Is this legal? Read more [...]

My Ex Boyfriend Wrote me Bad Checks and Used my Credit Cards Running up a Large Debt, What can I do to get Compensation?

In a past relationship my boyfriend ran up quit a bit of debt. This included checks he wrote me and then cashed in my account. These checks bounced, although I was out the money. He also made many charges on my credit card. We have not been together for over 5 months; however, I am still paying on these loans. What should I do? Read more [...]

If I Send a Collection Agency Payments, Can they Still Garnish my Wages?

If I owe a debt, lets say of 3,000 dollars to a collection agency and I called to see if I could send in payments of what I could afford, and I start sending them in can they still garnish my wages? Read more [...]