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Can I Get My Co-Borrower With Bad Credit Off the Mortgage so I Can Refinance?

My father co-signed for my home mortgage back in 2011, and now I'm trying to refinance and found out that he has debts in collections, and we were told that there is nothing we can do to refinance or even sell the house until those debts are paid off in full! So is there anything at all that I can do to get him off of the mortgage, legally? Read more [...]

How Can I Get My Name Off of Credit Card Debt After A Divorce?

My son is divorced and the judge said he is responsible for one credit card and his ex the other, how does he get his name off so his credit is not affected? Read more [...]

Do I Legally Own My House?

I own a house with my ex. My ex filed for bankruptcy. We moved out of the house and are divorced. Read more [...]

Can My Student Loan Debt Be Forgiven?

A student loan debt was incurred pursuing a DDS degree. Four years were completed, but the student needed about 4 more months to achieve the required points to graduate. Read more [...]

Can My Bill be Sent to Collections Even if I Pay the Minimum Balance On Time?

My health insurance doesn't pay for office visits. When I receive a bill, I pay what I can afford at the time. That isn't good enough for the business and they are always threatening me with collections even though I have paid at the minimum fee of $25 each time I get a bill. Can they really come after me if I don't set up payments with them beforehand? I always pay something right away. One bill was for $212. I sent $25 twice. I now owe $162 and was planning to pay another $25-$30 this time. Read more [...]

Does This Letter State That I Am Still Responsible for Taxes Owed to the State of Indiana Prior to Filing Chapter 7 Bankruptcy?

I received this letter after filing Chapter 7 Bankruptcy: ORDER ON TRUSTEE’S OBJECTION TO CLAIMS FILED - At South Bend, Indiana on March 17, 2008. This matter came before the Court on the Trustee’s Objection to Claims Filed and notice having been given to the claimant and no response having been filed with the Court and the Court being duly advised in the premises IT IS THEREFORE ORDERED that Claim NO. 1 filed by the Indiana Department of Revenue is disallowed in its entirety, SO ORDERED. My question is whether this letter states that I am still responsible for taxes owed to the State of Indiana prior to filing Chapter 7 Bankruptcy or not? Read more [...]