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Issues with Receiving Child Support from Garnished Wages

My childs father is currently ordered to pay me 568.00 a month in child support. Me and the father talk pretty regular so he informs me of how much is taken out of his check and from what he tells me..they are taking out almost the full amount but i'm not receiving half of that money on my end in support. I honestly was receiving more from him before the support than what i'm receiving now and that is so backwards. I feel like now i'm being i made a mistake putting him on child support in the first place. My question is why are they taking out more than i'm receiving? Read more [...]

My Ex is Asking that I Make Untrue Statements about our Custody Agreement to Gain more Welfare Benefits, What Should I do?

My ex-husband receives disability benefits, including food stamps. He is about to be recertified for his food stamps, and wants a letter from me stating that he has the kids with him at least 50% of the time, so that he can obtain more food stamp money and more in the way of assistance benefits. While I don't wish to stand in the way of him receiving his benefits, I am unwilling to make such statements when they are not true, and I am afraid I would be opening myself up to potential fraudulent activity. Am I over-reacting to this, or are these warning sirens in my head going off for a good reason? Read more [...]

Does Receiving Welfare Relieve a Person from Paying Child Support?

I know of two men, my relatives, who are obligated to pay child support. One receives, what's called, General Assistance, in Pennsylvania. The other one receives TANF (Temporary Assistance for Needy Families). Both have outstanding child support orders and both have arrearages. Please tell me if these cases are enforceable in the terms of child support. Also, what is the Statute of Limitations of Child Support Payments? Read more [...]

What to do When you Suspect Child Neglect

What recommendations do you have for someone whose spouse was arrested during her 6th month of pregnancy, stayed 2 days in jail due to her BAC of .247 (determined by her visit from jail to the local hospital) and later charged with 3rd degree assault followed by probation. ubsequently the mother went on a trip to visit relatives promising to return in one week. One and one-half years later she has now filed for divorce. She was asked repeatedly to come back home to no avail, and even denied visitation until recently when the court ordered visitation times. The child is behind in speech, development and not potty trained and just recently learned to start wiping herself. Is this parental kidnapping, child abuse, child neglect, ???? And if so, should charges be filed in the state in which I reside or in the state the mother lives in? Read more [...]

I’ve Been Widowed Before the Age of 50, What Social Security Benefits Am I Entitled? Do I Need to Get My Will Notarized?

I am 47 years old, was married 13 years and divorced, then remarried and became a widow at 47, we were married 12 years. I am on soc sec disability, I was told I basically cannot be a widow at this age by soc sec. Read more [...]

Does My Mother Have to Pay the State Back for AFDC if She Never Received Child Support?

20 years ago my mother received AFDC for myself and 2 sisters for about 3 years as my Father did not pay child support. The inquiry was to find out the amount she was entitled to as they now want my Mother to pay the State of Wisconsin back for receiving AFDC. My Mother never did receive any child support from my father at this time. Isn't my father liable to pay this back to the state? Read more [...]