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Do I Have to Comply With His Request?

I was 17-years-old when I got pregnant. I have no relationship with my child's father. Three months after the child was born, I applied for assistance because I wasn't getting any support from the father, or his family. To make a long story short. I applied for aid and I withheld information about the father. Now he has been slapped with a $50,000 fine on his credit report for back-pay. He wants me to write a letter saying that we reconciled our difference and to drop the case because he wants to do right with the family that he created now. I withheld information about him while applying for aid. I don't want to comply with his request because it wouldn't be fair for my child. With the help of my family WE RAISED my child and the father's relationship with my child is only when it's convenient for him. I am no longer receiving aid. I haven't been for years. Now I feel like my past is back to haunt me. Do I have to comply with his request? Read more [...]

Is There is a Way to Reduce Arrears on Welfare Owed to the State By My Ex Wife?

I live in California. I am wondering if there is a way to reduce arrears on welfare owed to the state by my ex wife. Read more [...]

How to Handle Custody of My Niece and Nephews So They Don’t Go Into the System

I'm writing to you with a question in regards to my sister's three children that have become a ward of the state. Recently my sister has made some bad choices & due to her streak of bad luck that has followed, DCFS has now become involved, having an open case on them. The social worker claims that the children have not been removed from mother, & that her rights have not been taken, but it is now court ordered that they must reside with mom at my home - ”maternal aunt”? Read more [...]

Can Woman Receive Aid for Taking Temporary Custody of Younger Sisters?

I am 29 with two teen-aged half sisters who live with their father, our mother, and our mother’s new husband. Our mother and her new husband are in and out of jail, not often in the house. I found needles and a prescription for someone else's morphine next to my mother's bed last time I visited, and I know she was arrested for possession of meth-amphetamines last month. Their father has to go to jail for unpaid fines on a DUI and has given my twin sister permission to have the girls live with her while he's in jail since no one knows where our mother is. Read more [...]

Can Woman Become Legal Guardian for Child She has Cared for Since Infancy?

I have a child living in my home that is a non-relative. She turned two on Jan. 21, 2012 and she has lived in my home since she was 6 months old. Her father is in prison and her mother is still doing drugs and caring for her 3 older brothers (ages 3 1/2, 8, & 15). I don’t think the mother would agree to giving me custody because she gets welfare for the child. Read more [...]

Am I Eligible to Receive Welfare Now That I Have Custody of my Niece?

My niece was recently released from a group home in NC. She is bipolar and ADHD and is on quite a bit of medication. I have applied for Medicaid and it is pending. Is there any type of assistance I can apply for through the state ( Florida) or govt to help support her? Read more [...]