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How Can I Start Visitation With My Children?

I gave temporary custody of my two children to my father. This occurred over seven years ago. I was supposed to see my children once a month for a half hour then all of a sudden nothing. My father just disappeared with my children. My rights were terminated by CPS and I could have had my children back that day, but my father for some reason decided that he could keep my kids for himself. First of all, how can I start visitation with my children? How do I get custody released back to me by a judge? How can I prosecute my father to the fullest extent of the law for denying me my children, kidnapping and what ever else I can do to him for what he’s done to me and my children? Read more [...]

Is My Ex in Violation for Leaving My Kids With His Significant Other When He Goes to Work?

My twins’ dad has a court order for alternating weekends and when he takes them he sometimes works night shift & leaves them with his significant other, who is not responsible, only the dad. The order stated in case of an emergency he's to take them back to the mother, for which does not. Is he in violation since it’s with him they need to be? Read more [...]

My Ex is Saying My Kids Are Spending More Time with Him Than They Do to Pay Less Child Support, Should I Have My Kids Write a Letter to the Court?

I am going back to court with my ex to review his child support. He is saying that the kids spend more time with him than they actually do. Would it be wise to have my kids who are 17 & 16 write a letter stating how often they see their dad, for when I go to court in February? Read more [...]

My Sister’s Son’s Dad and His Family is Harassing Her and My Family and Threatening to Take Her Son Away, What Can We Do?

My sister has a 7 year old boy who has not seen his dad in about 2 years. The father is not on the birth certificate per his request because he did not want to have to pay anything when it came to his son. My sister moved to North Dakota when the baby was 1, to be closer to her family and to better her and her son's life. The father had no problem with her moving since that way, he didn't have to fork out the money to care for her or his son. The father lives in Oregon and my sister has taken their son out there to see him, but stopped 2 years ago because she can't afford it. Read more [...]

Is There Anything I Can Do to Gain Rights to a Son Who is Not Biologically Mine?

I met a girl who was 3 months pregnant, and was smoking meth "crank speed" every day from day 1. her mom threw her out, and the biological father offerd her money to have the baby "TAKEN CARE" of. When her mom heard the news, she threw her out of the house... I then took her in, and made sure she understood how the drugs was going to affect her baby in a negative way. I assured her that I wanted the baby as my own, and did the right thing according to my beliefs. I asked her mother if I could marry her, and told the "sperm donor" that if he did not want the child, I would raise him as my own. Read more [...]

How to Handle Custody of My Niece and Nephews So They Don’t Go Into the System

I'm writing to you with a question in regards to my sister's three children that have become a ward of the state. Recently my sister has made some bad choices & due to her streak of bad luck that has followed, DCFS has now become involved, having an open case on them. The social worker claims that the children have not been removed from mother, & that her rights have not been taken, but it is now court ordered that they must reside with mom at my home - ”maternal aunt”? Read more [...]