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How can I Figure Out if my Ex or Myself Claim the Children on our Federal Income Tax Return?

I live in Texas and have a question about claiming both my kids on my 2007 federal income tax return. We officially became divorced in Feb 2008, however in 2007 I received no child support whatsoever from my ex for the months of June through the end of the year. Should I just file married filing separately for 2007 and take the deduction for both kids, and what if he has already filed and took the deduction for one the kids? Read more [...]

I’m Currently going Through a Divorce and I Found Out my Wife Forged my Signature to Take Money from my 401K, What Should I do?

I live in Texas and I am going through a divorce. We have been separated since June of 2007. I received my 401K 1099-R form in the mail this January '08 and learned that 17K was distributed from my 401K account without my knowledge. What are the legal ramifications for her falsifying my signature and calling in and lying to obtain the disbursement from the 401K investment firm? Read more [...]

As Grandparents with Custody of our Grandchildren, Are we Entitled to a Tax Deduction or Exemption?

We live in Idaho and have been raising our two granddaughters, age 7 and 5, since Halloween 2006. The father and mother of the 7 year old are divorced and the mother, our daughter, had been granted the tax deduction for the 7 year old from the year 2000 on. Our question is if according to IRS laws we are entitled to the exemption on our taxes? Read more [...]

I’m Filing Jointly with my Husband, Should I Sign a Tax Return I Know is Incorrect?

I live in New York State and My husband knows I plan to divorce him and I have been doing the books for his business for the past 8 years. I gave the information to the accountant to do the income tax and received a call from him that my husband had, had an income of 93 thousand for the 2006 and would have to pay 30 thousand in tax returns. After that my husband filed an extension. I received a copy the returns today (because it is my right since we are still married) and he came up with a bunch of false deductions that lowered his income to 34 thousand this year. Can I sign them under protest because I don't believe they are correct? And will that help me in court when I divorce? Or should I not sign them at all because I feel they are incorrect? Read more [...]

My Ex is Getting Paid Under the Table Hiding his True Earnings Income and Refuses to Pay Child Support, What can I do?

I am separated from my husband and we have a 4 year old daughter together. He refuses to pay child support and he comes and goes in and out of our child's life. He gets paid well under the table and he basically shows no income. I make good money and I'm afraid if I do file I will end up paying him support. Is this possible that he can pay child support and that I may end up paying him since there is no proof of his income? Read more [...]

After I Filed for Divorce I Found Out my Husband didn’t Report all of his Income on our Tax Return, Can I be Held Responsible?

I filed for divorce due to verbal abuse towards my daughter and myself and physical abuse by his drunkenness. Now I find out he did not report "cash" income he received from a lawn service he has been doing for a few years. What is my chances of holding him responsible to pay the IRS without me being involved as I had no idea he did this? Read more [...]