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How Do I Get My Ex Off the Title of the House He and My Father Purchased?

My father purchased a home with my boyfriend at the time. My ex-boyfriend did not equally contribute financially, and now wants us to pay $20,000 for him to give up his share of the property. The plan is to get him off the deed and mortgage and put me on as the co-owner. I was told that the only way to do this is to re-finance. We do not want to sell the house either. I just want to know my options at this point and what he is entitled to. Thanks in advance for your response. Read more [...]

How Can I Get My Fiancee’s Engagement Ring Back?

A few months ago I proposed to my fiancée with the agreement that we were going to get married. I was looking up laws and in Maryland and an engagement ring is a conditional gift. Read more [...]

Can I Marry My Boyfriend As A Ward of the State?

I'm a 16-years-old and my grandma has guardianship over me, but the state says I'm a ward of them. Just recently I had a child, her father is 26-years-old. Is my grandmother able to give us permission to get us married so he won't go to jail? Read more [...]

Can My Boyfriend Be Placed On Our Child’s Birth Certificate?

Jack got arrested for domestic violence towards Jill. He is not to have contact with Jill. They patched things up and got back together and have been living in hiding basically but now have a baby due anytime. Read more [...]

Am I Legally Married to My New Husband?

m>I filed for a divorce in California after being separated for 5 years. I did my own divorce. I submitted all the forms via mail. I went to court in January and the judge said as of this date you are divorced and will receive a judgment in the mail. A week or two later I got a copy of the court proceeding papers (copy of what was agreed/granted in court) stating marital status terminates - dated February. In April, I get remarried. 5 months late, I finally get a Notice of Entry of Judgment with a different date stamped on it. The effective date of termination of martial status states Sept. The Entry of Judgment states that neither party should remarry until effective date (Sept). I got married in April. Is my marriage to husband #2 invalid (void)? .If so, does that mean the marriage became valid after the divorce final date? Do I need to marry husband #2 again? Any help would really be appreciated. Read more [...]

What Are My Legal Options?

My soon-to-be ex-husband sold items belonging to my children and I without our consent or approval. His attorney requested a list of items we wanted just last week. What are my legal options? Also, the house is up for short sale and I found out that my in-laws are living there free. They altered the interior for their needs, i.e. they put up doors and such. What can I do? Read more [...]