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How Do I Get My Divorce Agreement Enforced?

My father made me co-owner of the two houses he owned, prior to my marriage. When I got married I moved into one of them while he remained in the other. In the divorce agreement (Los Angeles County Superior Court) he and I signed off that she could continue living there with the children until a specific date or her re-marriage, in return for reduced spousal support. Read more [...]

What Are My Legal Options?

My soon-to-be ex-husband sold items belonging to my children and I without our consent or approval. His attorney requested a list of items we wanted just last week. What are my legal options? Also, the house is up for short sale and I found out that my in-laws are living there free. They altered the interior for their needs, i.e. they put up doors and such. What can I do? Read more [...]

Who Is the Rightful Beneficiary When the Last Marriage Wasn’t Legitimate Because a Prior Divorce Wasn’t Finalized?

My Father-in-law passed away in July of 2012. He retired from the railroad, was 'married' four times, and has 5 children. He was married to wife #2 in Indiana (she mothered 3 of his children) and filed for divorce in 1989 (not 100% sure that was the year) then 'remarried' 2xs after. 10 months before his passing he moved out of the home that he & wife #4 shared. He had a will stating that all his assets were to go to his 5 children (he did not father any children with wives 3 & 4) but had wife #4 as beneficiary on all of his accounts (retirement, life insurance etc..) Well wife #2 filed for a portion of his retirement benefits, and it turns out that she & father-in-law were never legally divorced. Read more [...]

My Spouse Physically and Financially Abandoned Me, How Do I Get Help With a Divorce When I Have No Income?

I have been married for a decade to a Brazilian man, who I supported while he attended and graduated aviation school. Until 2007, I had been the primary breadwinner for our household. He now works for Republic Airways Holdings, Inc. (an airline) and has physically and financially abandoned me. In February left me with a $1,000 check to cover $1,500 rent and a 4 bedroom house, full of furniture to move. I have not seen or spoken with him since. Read more [...]

My Soon to be Ex Husband Sold My and My Children’s Belongings Without Our Consent, What are My Legal Options?

Soon to be ex-husband sold items belonging to my children, knowing that we wanted them. His attorney requested list of items we wanted just last week. What are my legal options? Also house up for short sale and I found out in-laws living there free and altered interior for their needs I.e. Doors put up etc. Read more [...]

Can My Ex Husband Back Out of a Home Buyout Agreement if the Appraisal Value Turned Out to be Less Than He Agreed to Pay?

My ex-husband is buying me out of the home and some vehicles that we currently co-own. He had agreed to pay me a lump sum contingent on the approval of the loan. He got approved for the loan. His lawyer drew up the paperwork, I signed and notarized it signing over the deed to the house. Now that he is approved for the loan (just because the bank appraisal came in a little lower than expected, but so what it always does), the ex has decided he doesn't want to pay me the money we agreed on based on the appraisal (he wants to pay me much less). Read more [...]