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I Gave Temporary Custody of My Children to My Father, Now He Has Disappeared With Them. What Recourse Do I Have?

I gave temporary custody of my two children to my father. Which was over seven years ago. I was supposed to see once a month for one half hour then all of a sudden nothing. My father just disappeared with my children. I was terminated from cps and could have had my children back that day but my father for some reason decided that he could play god keep my kids for himself. Read more [...]

Ex Took Daughter for Easter, Has Not Returned Her

I have primary custody but my ex took our daughter on April 5th for his Easter visitation and has not returned her as of yet.  Rosenberg police will not do a civil standby - I have limited funds because I just started my new job 2 weeks ago and have not even gotten my 1st paycheck.  How can I get my daughter back?  I cannot go to the house of my ex because I am afraid of him. The police *should* do a civil standby, assuming that you have a court order that spells out exactly when your daughter was to be returned to you. Consider going to the police station with a copy of the order, and asking to speak with the officer in charge, and try to get them to explain why they will not do a civil standby.  (It's very important that you show them the order, and that the order be highly specific so that it is very clear that your daughter is supposed to be with you at the time that you are requesting the civil standby.)  If your order is specific, and it is clear that your daughter is supposed to be with you, and your ex is keeping her, and if the police will not do the civil standby, try going to the county sheriff's department.  If all else fails, have your attorney file an emergency motion with the court as soon as possible and get a court order ordering that your daughter be returned to you. Read more [...]

Can a Grandparent Gain Full Custody of a Child?

Can a grandmother gain custody of her 16 year old daughter's baby if the baby's father is abusive? Can the grandmother take the baby out of state? Read more [...]

My Ex Took Our Son to Another State and Won’t Tell Me Where They Are. Can She Do That?

My son's mother moved them from California to Texas and won't give me their new address. Can she legally keep him from me? Read more [...]

How Can I Regain Custody of My Son From My Controlling Ex?

Although I am the custodial parent, my son chose to live with his father. Now, my ex is controlling my visits and won't let me see my son unless he (my ex) is present. How can I regain actual custody of my son? Read more [...]

If a Mother Takes a Child to Another State and Doesn’t Tell the Father, is it Considered Kidnapping?

If one parent takes a child to another state and does not tell the other parent, is it considered kidnapping? Read more [...]