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My Wife Had an Affair Four Years Ago and Got Pregnant, Now the Biological Father Wants to See the Child.

My wife had an affair four years ago and became pregnant. The father wanted nothing to do with her or the baby. We worked through it all and have a handsome 3 year old boy. I have no interest in taking a paternity test. I'm on the birth certificate as the father. Now out of spite the biological father wants to see our son. He is not a good man by any means. What can he do if anything to make it happen and does he have rights after not wanting anything to do with him? Read more [...]

Husband Just Found Out He Has a 12 Year Old Daughter; What Are His Rights?

My husband just recently found out that he has a 12 year old daughter after taking a paternity test in Texas. Here is the catch, they had another man sign the birth certificate when the child was first born. He died about 8 years ago. She just recently contacted us to tell him that he is the father. Does he have any rights? Also she is getting a Social Security check for the child and does not want to stop getting her benefits. However she wants him to also provide support. Read more [...]

Woman No Longer Wants Custody of Ex-Husband’s 17-Year Old Niece

Nearly two years ago I got legal custody of my ex-husband’s 17-year old niece because she was in a terrible situation. She has decided to do what she wants to do and to not listen to any of the household rules. I have talked and talked to her to no avail. She is sneaking out at night and so on. How do I give her back to the courts so they can place her somewhere where she can get what she needs and get me out of being legally responsible for her? Read more [...]

Man Just Found Out He Was Father of 18 Year Old Because Mother Trying to Collect Support

Back story: February 15th 1993 I had sex with a women (protection used) it was a one night stand. Four months later she meets up with me again, tells me she is pregnant and it is mine. I step up, provide financial support, went to the baby shower, listened to her on the phone, etc. Then in August she moved to Texas (I am in Arizona) - I get a call in late September that she is in labor and needs me to come to Texas - at this point the dates didn't match up, so I requested a paternity test - provided her with all my information (full name, DOB, SSN, employer, etc.) but told her I was not sending any more money until paternity was established. Read more [...]

How Can Woman Take Away Parental Right When She Can’t Find Him?

I have a four year old autistic son, almost a year ago my soon-to-be ex-husband left town and I do not know where he is. I am trying to find out how to take his parental rights away when I don’t even know where he is. He has not paid me money to help, or contacted me. Read more [...]

Can Woman Receive Aid for Taking Temporary Custody of Younger Sisters?

I am 29 with two teen-aged half sisters who live with their father, our mother, and our mother’s new husband. Our mother and her new husband are in and out of jail, not often in the house. I found needles and a prescription for someone else's morphine next to my mother's bed last time I visited, and I know she was arrested for possession of meth-amphetamines last month. Their father has to go to jail for unpaid fines on a DUI and has given my twin sister permission to have the girls live with her while he's in jail since no one knows where our mother is. Read more [...]