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Can I Attend My Estranged Child’s Graduation Ceremony?

The two times I've seen my son in the last seven years, he screamed that he hates me. I believe his father has poisoned my son against me. He is graduating high school and I'd like to attend. What can I do? Read more [...]

Do I Have to Pay Child Support?

Regarding the state of Arkansas: My husband and his ex-wife agreed seven years ago for his parental rights to be terminated for their daughter who was three-years-old at the time. He gave up all contact with the child and never paid child support. Now, almost eight years later, we have received letters from the child support enforcement agency and child support garnishments have started, saying that he owes seven years worth of back child support. Turns out, his ex-wife never filed the signed and notarized documents to have his rights terminated and never bothered to call and tell him otherwise. He hasn’t seen this child for seven years believing all this time that his rights were terminated. Is this not some sort of fraud that she is committing? Surely she can not get away with this and us just have to hand her our income tax returns every year and have her take out nearly five hundred dollars a month of money we need for bills. Where is the justice system for women like that? Read more [...]

How Do I Have Child Support Modified if I Haven’t Even Been Allowed to See the Kids in 20 Years?

My divorce was signed in 1997. I am a disabled physician. The onset of the disability was 1/97 -and was a psych problem. Because of this, I signed a divorce giving my children 50% of my disability check until they were age 26. 1 child is 25 now, the other is 14. Read more [...]

What Are My Rights to My Stepson, Who I Raised, Following the Death of His Mother, My Wife?

My wife had a son out of wedlock and was the custodial parent. The biological father agreed and a court order for child support was initiated, automatically deducting the child support from his retirement check. I have raised my step-son since day 1 and I love him like he is my biological child. He is now 14 years old. My wife passed away unexpectedly and I asked the biological parent to allow me and my wife’s mother co-guardianship, to which he agreed and it was ordered by the court. Read more [...]

Is There Anything I Can Do to Gain Rights to a Son Who is Not Biologically Mine?

I met a girl who was 3 months pregnant, and was smoking meth "crank speed" every day from day 1. her mom threw her out, and the biological father offerd her money to have the baby "TAKEN CARE" of. When her mom heard the news, she threw her out of the house... I then took her in, and made sure she understood how the drugs was going to affect her baby in a negative way. I assured her that I wanted the baby as my own, and did the right thing according to my beliefs. I asked her mother if I could marry her, and told the "sperm donor" that if he did not want the child, I would raise him as my own. Read more [...]

Can Biological Father Come Back for Son if Another Man is on Birth Certificate and Has Raised Him Since Birth?

My wife had an affair four years ago and became pregnant. The father wanted nothing to do with her or the baby. We worked through it all and have a handsome 3 year old boy. I have no interest in taking a paternity test. I'm on the birth certificate as the father. Now out of spite the biological father wants to see our son. He is not a good man by any means. What can he do if anything to make it happen and does he have rights after not wanting anything to do with him? Read more [...]