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My Spouse Physically and Financially Abandoned Me, How Do I Get Help With a Divorce When I Have No Income?

I have been married for a decade to a Brazilian man, who I supported while he attended and graduated aviation school. Until 2007, I had been the primary breadwinner for our household. He now works for Republic Airways Holdings, Inc. (an airline) and has physically and financially abandoned me. In February left me with a $1,000 check to cover $1,500 rent and a 4 bedroom house, full of furniture to move. I have not seen or spoken with him since. Read more [...]

How Do I Have Child Support Modified if I Haven’t Even Been Allowed to See the Kids in 20 Years?

My divorce was signed in 1997. I am a disabled physician. The onset of the disability was 1/97 -and was a psych problem. Because of this, I signed a divorce giving my children 50% of my disability check until they were age 26. 1 child is 25 now, the other is 14. Read more [...]

My Sister’s Son’s Dad and His Family is Harassing Her and My Family and Threatening to Take Her Son Away, What Can We Do?

My sister has a 7 year old boy who has not seen his dad in about 2 years. The father is not on the birth certificate per his request because he did not want to have to pay anything when it came to his son. My sister moved to North Dakota when the baby was 1, to be closer to her family and to better her and her son's life. The father had no problem with her moving since that way, he didn't have to fork out the money to care for her or his son. The father lives in Oregon and my sister has taken their son out there to see him, but stopped 2 years ago because she can't afford it. Read more [...]

Girlfriend Moved and Left Boyfriend with Her Kids; What Can He Do?

My girlfriend of 12 years and her adult children were evicted from her apartment, and to help them out, I said they could live with me. On 3/16/2012, she said she was going to her aunt’s place for weekend, and on Monday 3/19/2012, I received a text message that said she is leaving her two children (17 and 22) with me and is now living with her aunt. My question is what can I do? Read more [...]

How Can 23 Year Old Sister Obtain Custody of Her 10 Year Old Sister?

I want to know what I need to do to get full custody of my 10 year old sister. She is now living with both parents (California) and because of money issues they are both going to move out of the country (Mexico). I want her to stay here with me and finish school. Read more [...]

Mother Needs to Move with Child to Find Work, Ex is Unwilling to Allow Move

Current Situation: I have 50/50 custody with my ex-husband with our ten year old son. During the last custody case, which ended in 2009, the difference between us as parents in custody is that the court order reads “child shall go to school in mother's school district because father is more focused on negative attention towards mom than welfare of the child” (from 730 evaluator). Read more [...]