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How Can I Obtain Temporary Guardianship Of My Grandson?

If my daughter has written me a letter giving me temporary guardianship over my grandson, can her ex-girlfriend take him from me? Read more [...]

How Do I Get the Papers Taken Care of to Pick Up My Granddaughter Once She is Born from the Federal Prison Where My Daughter is Incarcerated?

My daughter is currently being held due to a federal case. She knows she is going to do some time. Her husband was just recently released from a state facility. He is on HIP. She is 8 months pregnant, due in about month. She is willing to give my husband and I temporary guardianship. Read more [...]

I Gave Temporary Custody of My Children to My Father, Now He Has Disappeared With Them. What Recourse Do I Have?

I gave temporary custody of my two children to my father. Which was over seven years ago. I was supposed to see once a month for one half hour then all of a sudden nothing. My father just disappeared with my children. I was terminated from cps and could have had my children back that day but my father for some reason decided that he could play god keep my kids for himself. Read more [...]

I Signed Papers to Give my Mother Temporary Custody of My Daughter and Now She Won’t Give My Daughter Back

About a year ago I voluntarily signed a paper giving my mother temporary custody of my 6-year-old daughter. I did this so she could take her to the doctors, enroll her in school, and so I could get on my feet. I didn't have stable housing at the time. My daughter was staying with my mom and she told me that she needed me to sign this paper so she could do those things. That was the biggest mistake I ever made. Read more [...]

What Recourse Does Family of Deceased Man Have to Adopt his Unborn Baby When Mother Wants to Give to an Unrelated Family?

My Brother recently passed away and shortly after I was informed that his girlfriend of a year was pregnant. I made contact with her soon after this and learned that she was pregnant and believed it was his and was releasing the baby for adoption. She is living in an Adoption Network apartment in southern California. We expressed interest in adopting the baby and she mutually agreed that she would like for us to adopt the baby, but she needed to first check with her case worker. Read more [...]

How Can Man Get Custody of 13 Year Old Daughter He Just Met?

A friend of mine recently met his daughter for the first time, he did not know that she existed until she found him, she is 13 years old. She is currently living with her grandfather on her mother’s side. Her mother died a few years ago. My friend would really like custody of his daughter. What would be the best course of action to getting custody of his daughter? They both live in California. Read more [...]