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How Do We Prevent My In-Laws From Seeing My Children?

One of my in-law's was accused of molesting my child and we do not want them to have contact with my child again. How can we ensure this? Read more [...]

My Ex is Requesting a Paternity Test. Do I Have to Comply?

My ex-wife, who has been in and out of jail and rehab, is requesting a paternity test in an effort to gain custody of our son. I have been the child's sole caretaker for the past 4 years. Do I have to take a paternity test? Read more [...]

How to Deal with Child Abuse Accusations and their Affects on Visitation Rights

i have 3 children and am divorced. my middle daughter age 6 said i touched her inappropriately during a visitation. i did not do this. since this dcf interviewed me, they referred to state atty office, i have not heard from the state atty office ever. now today i was served papers stating that my ex wants no visitation rights with my daughter and a continuance of visitation of 2 hrs a month with my other 2 children. they are asking to terminate my rights to my daughter. can they take my parental rights from me with my daughter? why cant i have regular visitation with my other 2 children? if they take my parental visitation rights, am i obligated to pay child support? Read more [...]

My Spouse is Lying and Bad Mouthing me During our Divorce Mediation, What Should I Do? Should I Hire a More Aggressive Lawyer?

My husband and I are divorcing. He is taking everything that I have done over the past 10 years and twisting it around and basically lying. But because he made these types of accusations, it worries me that if mediation does not work and we end up in court, it may be hard for me to get shared custody of my daughter. Can he just flat out lie like that? We both have lawyers and mine is more laid back while his is not. I just want to get through this divorce as quickly as possible and try to get along but he doesn't seem to want to do that - he wants a war. What should I do? Read more [...]

My Soon to be Ex is Trying Damage my Reputation, What Can I Do?

My Soon to be Ex is Trying Damage my Reputation, What Can I Do?He is bent upon damaging my reputation and I will remain silent until a court date. He has not responded to the divorce papers, nor the following notice of default. Read more [...]

Parental Rights for Parent with Bipolar Disorder?

Can a parent with bipolar disorder get a fair shake in family court? Read more [...]