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Can I Contest A False Order Of Protection Against Me?

What can be done about my ex-wife filing a false order of protection against me? I live in Illinois, if that helps. Read more [...]

Can the Fact that My Son Told Me His Father Touches Him Excuse Me From Honoring a Custody Order?

My husband was ordered to pay spousal support in Virginia, where we used to live. We have both moved to different states and our divorce will be finalized in Idaho. Will the spousal support continue? Read more [...]

Ex-husband Coerced Intoxicated Mom to Falsely Accuse Boyfriend of Domestic Violence

My boyfriend was arrested for domestic violence against me in October. I was drunk and high and ended up hitting myself. I called my ex-husband to come get me; he did, and took me to the nearest cop. He told me if I ever wanted to see my son again I would lie and say my boyfriend hit me. Read more [...]

Man Being Forced to Pay Child Support for Child Who is Not His

My fiance received a false order for child support from Division of Family Services in Missouri in December of 2010. He called them to schedule a hearing to disagree (this is what it said to do on the paperwork), because he is not the father of the said child. They told him he must get a lawyer to petition it, and we did not have the 1200.00 for the initial lawyer fee, nor the 500.00 additional needed for DNA testing nor have had the money since (especially since they have been taking half his wages in garnishment). Read more [...]

Does Ohio Require You to State “Abuse” in Dissolution Filings?

“A friend of mine is going through a dissolution in Columbus, Ohio. I just checked the "Domestic Case Detail" in the public court records. In the records it states "Applied- Child Abuse" and "Applied- Domestic Violence Shelter". My question is, why would these 2 items be applied for? Are these items stating that his soon-to-be ex-spouse is claiming that he was abusive to them or is this a formality that is required by the court to be applied for?” We are not Ohio attorneys, and this is a very highly Ohio-specific question.  That said, the easiest way to determine this would be simply to ask your friend (and really, it should be him who is checking this);  if he was served with a notice Read more [...]

Ex-wife’s Attorney is her Boyfriend

My ex-wife went to law school and her attorney is her boyfriend. He did not serve me but said he did and as a result they were able to enter a default judgement, even though I am very involved in my son's life and I AM THE PETITIONER! Read more [...]