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Can I Transfer My Property Rights to My Ex-Wife?

My wife and I are in the process of building a new home. Unfortunately we are getting a divorce, and she wants to finish and live in the house. Read more [...]

How Can I Divorce My Estranged Husband?

I have been separated from my husband since 2006. I have no idea where to find him. I don't even know any of his relatives names! Read more [...]

How Can I Legally Divorce My Husband?

I'll make my story brief and then ask you the question. I married a man in one state two years ago. Since then, his name and social security number has changed. We married again in a different state under his new identity. Read more [...]

Can My Husband Take Half of My Retirement Account?

I have been trying to get a divorce (for around 2 years) from my husband of 8.5 years. We have no children and no property (as the house and car were taken back by the bank). I have thousands of dollars that I owe the IRS, credit card, and family (for loaning me money for the divorce). We have finally got a final divorce date coming up in 2 months and a pre-trial conference in 1 month. Read more [...]

Does My Wife Have to Provide Me with Notice?

My wife supposively filed for divorce and for back child support. I'm supposed to go to court today. Read more [...]

Can My Husband Take Our Daughters Across State Lines Without My Permission?

Can my husband whom I am separated from take our daughters over state lines without my permission? Neither of us have filed for divorce or custody. I took our daughters over to see him and let them spend the night. Read more [...]