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What Rights Do I Have at the End of a Common Law Marriage?

I have been in a relationship with a woman for 15 years, and we have often referred to ourselves as married. Our state is a common law marriage state. The problem now is that she has had a change of heart about the relationship and says she wants me to leave "her" house. What I'd like to know is if I really have no rights in the matter, in particular to the house, in spite of having paid for it for so long. Read more [...]

How Can I Get My Name Off of Credit Card Debt After A Divorce?

My son is divorced and the judge said he is responsible for one credit card and his ex the other, how does he get his name off so his credit is not affected? Read more [...]

How Can I Challenge The Division Of My Husband’s 401k In Our Divorce?

I had a hard time with my divorce. I didn't have much fight in me to ask for anything. I just wanted it over with so I thought. Read more [...]

Can My Husband Compel Me To Sell Our Business?

My husband and I are currently separated and I am filing for divorce. We have a business that we purchased together. Read more [...]

Is My Wife Entitled to Half of Our Marital Assets If We Divorce?

My wife left me for someone else after 24 years together. I raised my 2 kids and sent them through college. What right does she have to be entitled to half of everything I own while she's seeing another man out in public? Read more [...]

How Can I Get My Wife to Remove My Name From the Mortgage?

With my divorce, I did a quick deed to my wife on the house. She never has taken my name off the mortgage and now has remarried and moved to another state. The house is sitting empty and losing value due to no maintenance. Read more [...]