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How Do I Obtain Custody of My Son?

Two years ago my pregnant drug abusing ex-girlfriend left Pennsylvania to go home to Kentucky to go to rehab. When my son (who I wasn't sure was mine) was born, he had drugs in his system. I have done a paternity test and the child is mine, but it was not a test that is recognized by the court. Recently the Mother has been charged with neglect for drug use. Read more [...]

How Do I Obtain Custody of My Daughters?

Can my husband whom I am separated from take our daughters over state lines without my permission? Neither of us has filed for divorce or custody. I took our daughters over to see him and let them spend the night. Read more [...]

What Are My Guardianship Rights?

I signed general power of attorney over to my ex-boyfriend's mom and step-dad for my daughter. Her father is on probation and isn't allowed to be around anyone under the age of 17. Read more [...]

Should I Modify My Child Custody Order to Protect My Son?

My son's father decided to adopt a pit bull puppy recently. I forewarned him that our son, who is nine-years-old, is afraid of all dogs with wide mouths. I specifically told him to avoid pit bulls, rottweilers, and mixes of these breeds. I have always been supportive of our son's visitation with his father, even during times of legitimate issues which should have been brought in front of a court. Read more [...]

Can My Boyfriend Be Placed On Our Child’s Birth Certificate?

Jack got arrested for domestic violence towards Jill. He is not to have contact with Jill. They patched things up and got back together and have been living in hiding basically but now have a baby due anytime. Read more [...]

Can I Have My Custody Order Modified?

My daughter's ex (never married) has obtained custody of my granddaughter. He was represented and my daughter was not. Now that he has had custody of her for a little over a year, he has since then married another women for appearances sake, and had a child with her. Read more [...]