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What Are My Parenting Time Rights For My Out-Of-State Son?

I have a 4-year-old son and I am currently paying child support. I live in New Jersey but his mother lives in Texas with my son. Read more [...]

How Can I Move Away From My Mother As A Teenager?

I'm 13-years-old and live in Washington state. My parents are divorced, and my mother and her husband are not the greatest of parents. We fight all the time. Read more [...]

Can My Ex Waive His Parental Rights?

My husband and I live in North Carolina and have agreed to divorce. However, due to his job, he had to leave the country before we could start the proceedings. We agreed to start our one year separation during this time. I met a man while he was gone who was also going through a divorce. We started talking and soon we were in a relationship. Read more [...]

How Can I Protect My Child from His Father’s Physical Abuse?

y son is getting ready to go to my ex-husband's home for the summer. My ex has him for 52 days. My son is concerned about the fact last summer my ex-husband would slap him in the face sometimes whether he bought the wrong car in a video game, or for not paying attention to his homework (stupid things). Read more [...]

How Do I Get My Children Back?

I was arrested in July 2013 for child endangerment and abandonment when two of my sons got outside unattended for eight minutes while I was in the bathroom. The police took my children to the police station, and myself and my husband, who wasn't home at the time, to jail. Read more [...]

Can My Husband Stop Me From Moving My Daughter and I Out-of-State?

My husband and I have a two-year-old daughter together, her birth was before we were married and he never signed the birth certificate. Does he have any rights to her if I choose to move out-of-state during our divorce? Read more [...]