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Can I Obtain Child Custody While in Prison?

In march of 2013, my common law wife filed for temporary custody of our daughter on the grounds that I was in jail and was going to go to prison. Read more [...]

How Can I Legally See My Sisters?

I have two half-sisters. One I have not seen since I was five and I'm now nineteen. The other I see once to twice a year. Read more [...]

Can I Attend My Estranged Child’s Graduation Ceremony?

The two times I've seen my son in the last seven years, he screamed that he hates me. I believe his father has poisoned my son against me. He is graduating high school and I'd like to attend. What can I do? Read more [...]

How Can My Sister Establish Contact With Her Children?

I live in Indiana and my sister lost or terminated her parental rights to three of my nephews. They were privately adopted through child protective services about six or seven years ago. What rights does she or any of the family members have to establish contact with the children or attempt to gain custody of them? Read more [...]

Can My Brother’s Ex-Wife Prohibit Him From Visiting Their Child?

My brother is separated from his wife. She sent him a text message saying that if he signed the mortgage of their house (which he isn't living in but she is with her boyfriend) to her, then she would let him see their daughter. Read more [...]

Did I Legally Give Up My Parental Rights?

I was working with CPS because I have an addiction. I am in full blown recovery and working a program. Read more [...]