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What Are My Legal Options?

My soon-to-be ex-husband sold items belonging to my children and I without our consent or approval. His attorney requested a list of items we wanted just last week. What are my legal options? Also, the house is up for short sale and I found out that my in-laws are living there free. They altered the interior for their needs, i.e. they put up doors and such. What can I do? Read more [...]

My Soon to be Ex Husband Sold My and My Children’s Belongings Without Our Consent, What are My Legal Options?

Soon to be ex-husband sold items belonging to my children, knowing that we wanted them. His attorney requested list of items we wanted just last week. What are my legal options? Also house up for short sale and I found out in-laws living there free and altered interior for their needs I.e. Doors put up etc. Read more [...]

If My Ex and I Own a House Together and He is Making Money Off of it, am I Entitled to Half of That Money?

My exhusband and I own a house together. I recently found out that the rent he is receiving covers the mortgage and he makes about 600 extra. Do I have the right to 300 of this? In our divorce decree it only states he is responsible for the mortgage and upkeeping of the property not about extra money that is made. Read more [...]

Can I Force My Ex Husband to Sell Our House Faster?

I'm in a divorce and our home is for sale - do I and our teenage kids have any rights, or does my ex-husband have all the rights? We all live here for convenience, but our house is for sale for $169,900 and I want to put it at $159,000 because the real estate agent thinks it will sell faster. I want to move out and can't because I need the money. My kids want to move to town so they can get jobs, but my husband won't budge. Read more [...]

Ex is Still Living in the Home I Purchased Before Our Marriage, Can I Kick Him Out?

My dissolution will be final in 18 days, we have been living separately for two months. He is living in my home which he wants to keep. He is suppose to be obtaining financing to purchase the home and pay me some of the equity it has acquired. He has not done this and will not answer any of my questions about the purchase of the home. Read more [...]

What are Legalities of Married Couple Using Account in Husband’s Name Only?

Would it be considered fraud if a married couple has checking and savings account in husbands name but wife is putting funds from her own paycheck into both accounts and wife has permission from husband to use funds as long as they are replaced? Read more [...]