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Can I Just Leave and Live with My Dad Without Going to Court?

I am 17-years-old and I live in Florida. My mom has custody of me, but I hate living with her. I want to live with my dad, but she says she will call the cops and bring me back home if I leave. Can she call the cops and force me to come home? Can I just leave and live with my dad without going to court? Read more [...]

Eighteen Year Old Daughter is Pushing Her Limits; is it Time to Kick Her Out?

My daughter is 18 and diabetic. She is a senior in high school. She completely depends on me for everything - food, shelter, medical. She does have a part time job. She has pulled so many things with us and we have tried counseling and all the good things but she continues to push at us. Read more [...]

My Parents Abuse Me. How Do I File For Emancipation?

Both of my parents abuse me and I am in fear for my life. I want to file for emancipation but am not sure how to go about it. What are my options? Read more [...]

My Mom Parties All the Time. Can I Gain Custody of My 13 Year Old Sister?

My mom spends most of her time drinking at bars. As an adult, am I able to gain custody of my younger sister? Read more [...]

If I am Emancipated, Can I Live With my Grandmother?

I have a question about emancipation. I've read about all the requirements for this emancipation to take place, that's where the problem comes in. I've been offered a home at my grandmother's residence, and I've lived there before, so I know I'll be happy and treated well there. I don't meet all the requirements for this legal action to take place, so I was wondering if I could be emancipated to my grandmother's home. Read more [...]

I Have Full Custody of a Child that has Just Turned 18, Am I Still Responsible for her?

I live in NJ and one year ago I was granted full legal custody of my child's 17 year old friend. She has now turned 18 and is a high school senior. Am I still legally responsible for her? Or does it terminate on it's own? If so, at what point does this happen? Do I have to go through any legal channels to dissolve my responsibilities? Read more [...]