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Will I Have to Pay Retroactive Child Support?

If a man does not know he is the father of a child, and finds out at the child's 13th birthday that he is, can the state order him to pay back child support? Read more [...]

Can My Paycheck Be Garnished Without Notice?

When I started working as a contract employee with an employer, they paid for my hotel for the first 3 weeks and we have a signed agreement that they would take out the money from my paycheck every week for 6 weeks. However, when I recieved my last paycheck, they garnished the whole amount of the balance of about $1100, leaving me strapped in a way I can't pay rent and food and gas and make my bills. They did this without my knowledge or approval. I had no problem with the agreement in place and they have done this on more than one occasion with me not informing me of what money they will take out of my check for child support as well. The employer saw no need to contact me on 4 different occasions of check garnishments either by them or child support. So other than the Dept of Labor, would my only other course of action be a civil lawsuit and can I do that where I live or where do I have to do it in the state in which the employer is located, since they are two different states? Read more [...]

How does the Statute of Limitations on Child Support Work?

How is the statue of limitations invoked? Is there paperwork for a motion that needs to be filed, or is it automatic? Read more [...]

Why Was My Child Support Order Dismissed?

I just got a letter from the Circuit Court of Tuscaloosa with an order of dismissal for child support. Read more [...]

Can My Child Support Order Be Modified?

If the final divorce decree states that wife is to get $1000 child support, is that the end of it, or could one revisit the issue and ask for an increase? There is a joint agreement in place, however during the school year, the children are with their mother 6 to 8 days more than their father per month, on average. Read more [...]

Does My Husband Have To Pay Child Support Arrears?

My husband and I have a temporary court order in place. He was ordered to pay alimony and child support. My husband is now arrears and we have decided to get back together. Read more [...]