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Do I Have to Pay Family Support?

My husband must pay his ex-wife family support for another three years. His ex has been engaged for three years, and is living with her fiancee. Read more [...]

Can My Ex-Wife Modify Our Alimony Agreement?

In Florida, can my ex take me back to court if my alimony agreement states that it is non-modifiable permanent periodic alimony? Read more [...]

Is There is a Way to Reduce Arrears on Welfare Owed to the State By My Ex Wife?

I live in California. I am wondering if there is a way to reduce arrears on welfare owed to the state by my ex wife. Read more [...]

Can I Force My Ex Husband to Sell Our House Faster?

I'm in a divorce and our home is for sale - do I and our teenage kids have any rights, or does my ex-husband have all the rights? We all live here for convenience, but our house is for sale for $169,900 and I want to put it at $159,000 because the real estate agent thinks it will sell faster. I want to move out and can't because I need the money. My kids want to move to town so they can get jobs, but my husband won't budge. Read more [...]

Ex Vandalizes Home Despite Generous Divorce Settlement, Can Lein be Placed on Alimony Payments?

We are in Tennessee. During our divorce I gave my ex-wife all the cash our marriage had and retirement funds that I personally had, it was in in excess of 1.5 million. I then gave her COBRA for 36 months at a cost of 1k and alimony for 12 years of transitional type (non modifiable) I took the house that was underwater in debt to value and all contents. When my ex moved out she vandalized the house in excess of $50,000, plus stole over $100,000 in contents. Read more [...]

Who is Responsible for Medical Bills During Separation?

Who is responsible for medical bills our children incurred during our separation before the divorce was final? Our decree states that medical bills are split 50/50, but is that AFTER the decree is finalized or from debts from before? Specifically, our oldest daughter started braces during our separation. We both agreed that it would be in her best interest, and my ex-husband has been paying the bill. Read more [...]