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How Do I Get Custody of My Cousin?

How do I get custody of my cousin? I'm 24 years old and and my cousin is 17. He wants me to get custody of him. What papers to I need to file? How do I get custody of him? Read more [...]

Can My New Husband Adopt My Child?

I adopted my grandson and I just got married again and want my husband to be on the birth certificate too - is that possible? Read more [...]

Can My Adopted Child’s Biological Father Take Her Without My Consent?

I adopted my niece's child 9 years ago and now the biological father wants to take her. Read more [...]

Can My Daughter Adopt A Child If His Father’s Parental Rights Are Terminated?

My daughter is a foster-to-adopt parent of a now 19-month-old whose unmarried parents are unwed and meth addicted. The court just today terminated the father's services and the next hearing date in a few months is to consider termination of his parental rights. He's been denied paternity of the boy until required to take the appropriate test and has only seen him once, although he claims DCFS hasn't returned his calls, during the time. He has relapsed and disappeared for periods of time, has no full-time employment at this time and no stable home. Read more [...]

Can My Fiance Adopt My Children?

I'm currently married but my husband and I have been separated for 7 years and still no divorce. I'm engaged to a guy that I've been with for 4 years. I have twin boys which they don't belong to my ex-husband they belong to another man. I did not put him on the twin's birth certificate because he's abusive and he hasn't seen the twins since they were 5-months-old. They are gonna be 4-years-old in March. Their biological father hasn't seen, spoken or done anything for them. Read more [...]

Can My Fiance Adopt My Son?

I live in Indiana and my son's biological father has not been in the picture. He did not help during the pregnancy, nor attempt to get a DNA test. Read more [...]