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Can I Record A Person Without His Consent Or Knowledge?

A person called her friend, left a voicemail message, then left her phone open and talked at a private meeting. Read more [...]

Is There A Statute Of Limitation On Being Penalized For Perjury?

I was in a car accident 16 years ago in Texas. I was driving my father's car and rear ended someone in a parking lot. It was very minor and it resulted in only scratches on each car. The man I rear ended tried to sue my father's car insurance company for more money. Read more [...]

Are Parties in a Lawsuit Legally Required to Provide All Evidence Prior to the Suit Being Filed?

Disclosure of parties pre-suit: Is there a legal principle, which obligates one party to provide relevant documentation, evidence, etc… requested by the other party before suit is filed? I’m not talking about discovery that happens after suit is filed. Read more [...]

My Child Admitted He Had Marijuana on Him at School But it Was Never Found, Can the School Still Discipline Him for it?

My 13yr. old was said to have had marijuana in his book bag. This accusation was made by 2 other students who said they saw it. My son was then questioned by the dean of students and admitted to having the marijuana but that he threw it in the garbage. The dean then searched my son, his locker, his book bag, the garbage can, and went over video surveillance. Read more [...]

Ex Girlfriend Threatening to Expose Damaging Texts if She Doesn’t Get Money Owed to Her

My ex girlfriend sent a letter that is threatening to expose damaging texts to my parents if I dont pay her back $200 right away. She gave me the money under her own free will & I agreed to pay her back when I had the money but this seems illegal. Is she commiting coercion or extortion? Can I have her arrested? Please help me because I cant pay her back right now yet cant let her show these damaging texts. Read more [...]

How to Subpoena Evidence

I need to supoena the video tape from a state trooper's patrol car during the time I was ticketed. The alleged Infractions were in a construction zone so the patrol car's lights were constantly on which is the trigger for the video to begin recording. I'm totally lost as to how to get this video. Read more [...]