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Can I Get A Restraining Order Against My Ex-Husband’s Girlfriend?

Can I get a restraining order against my ex-husband's girlfriend to not to be around my children? Read more [...]

Can I File A Restraining Order Against My Ex-Girlfriend?

I have broken up with my ex-girlfriend for about a week now and she won't leave me or anyone I may be around (friends or family) alone. Is this enough to have a restraining order put against her? I know she is mentally unstable (bipolar and a cutter), plus it's just getting down right annoying. Read more [...]

Will My Boyfriend Be Prosecuted?

My boyfriend already has a domestic violence case out and I called the police because he hit me. He's on parole. Read more [...]

Can My Ex Own a Firearm with a Permanent Protection Order?

I have a permanent protection order against my ex husband in Colorado. However, he has been sending photos of himself hunting in Wyoming (to a neighbor). Read more [...]

Can I Be Forced to Testify Against My Boyfriend in a Domestic Violence Case?

I am involved in domestic violence case. I am the witness, I have just been subpoena to testify against my boyfriend. They served me Friday and court is on Monday. I did not have time to get a public defender considering the short notice of being served. My question is can they force me to testify? Read more [...]

What Does Aggravated Battery on a Law Enforcement Officer Mean in Terms of Jail Time and Probation?

"What does this mean? What is his jail time and probation time? Adult Type - Criminal Non Citation 2. AGGRAVATED BATTERY (GREAT BODILY HARM) 09/17/2011 (SDF) 784.045(1)(A)(1) (784.045(1)(A)(1)) 3. CR-BATTERY ON A LAW ENFORCEMENT OFFICER 09/22/2011 (TDF) 784.07(2)(B) (784.07(2)(B)" Read more [...]