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My Neighbor Left His Dog in My Care Over Two Years Ago and Now Wants Her Back. How Can I Keep Her?

My neighbor left his dog in my care over two years ago. I recently moved and took the dog with me. Now the neighbor wants her back. What are my rights? Read more [...]

My Neighbor is Using my Gated Yard as her Dog’s Toilet, Is This Trespassing?

My yard is fenced with entrance gates at the front and back of the property. I have found during recent weeks that a neighbor has been opening the front gate where the sidewalk is and entering my yard to allow her dog to use lawn and sometimes that side of the house as its personal toilet. Since my yard is gated and the neighbor is entering through a latched gate, can it be considered trespassing? Read more [...]

I Asked my Ex to Watch my Dog Now she Refuses to Give Him Back, What Can I Do?

I asked my X-girlfriend to watch my dog for a few weeks and now she has refused to give him back, are there any laws pertaining to a situation like this? Perhaps animal theft or kidnapping of a animal? Read more [...]

Can a Breeder Sue For Reporting Inhumane Conditions?

For four days I did volunteer work for someone who owns over 100 exotic cats. I found the conditions deplorable and contacted an organization they belong to. Can these people sue me for describing the conditions of their place to the founder/president of the organization they belong to (an organization for cat breeders)? Read more [...]

An Unleashed Dog Ran in Front of Our Car. Are We Responsible for the Veterinary Bills?

My husband hit a dog with his vehicle on a very busy road. Apparently the dog received over $6,000 in medical attention, and now the owner of the dog wants us to pay the bill. Can we be held liable if the dog ran into the road, without a leash on, nor a fence on the property? Read more [...]

I Adopted an Animal from the Shelter and They Insist that I Get it Neutered Early!

I recently adopted a young male kitten from Oakland (CA) Animal Shelter. Their policy is to neuter all cats, even very young kittens, before adoption. However, this kitten was sick so they postponed the procedure and let me bring him home. Now they are insisting that I neuter him now, but I think that he is too young and the vets that I have consulted agree. What can I do? Read more [...]