Can You Report a Minor to the Credit Bureau for Unpaid Medical Bills?

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“Can minors be reported to the credit bureau for parents not paying the medical bills?”

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According to the Experian website, “your children won’t have a credit report until they have credit in their names. . . . If your children already have credit reports in their names, one of three things has happened. You have applied for credit in their names and the applications were approved. You have added them as authorized users or joint account holders on one or more of your accounts. Or, someone has fraudulently used their information to apply for credit and they are already identity theft victims.”

Assuming that your children already have a credit report, unless they were listed as a co-payor on an account [maybe the one receiving treament in your question?], I cannot think of a reason why the failure of a parent to pay a medical bill would make it onto a minor’s credit report. A sure fire way to find out is to order a credit report (cost ~$15).

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